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Political Campaign Consulting

S. J. Guzzetta writes in The Campaign Manual, “the campaign strategy is the science or art of political command as applied to the overall planning and conduct of political campaigns. The maneuvers designed to frustrate, surprise, or overcome an opponent in order to secure a victory in an election. The plan of action that results from the practice of this science.”

After consideration of this truism, it should be understood that there is no universal consensus or definition for a Political Campaign Management Consultant or his or her job definition. Campaign Management by virtue of its special needs must be defined on a campaign by campaign basis. When required, the consultant will advise a Candidate on how to design, plan, and manage a well organized campaign that will result in the strongest likelihood of an election victory.

Since no two campaigns are alike, the job description of the Political Campaign Management Consultant may never be alike as well. Responsibilities will differ depending on the real needs of the Candidate and the campaign. Some of the responsibilities under consideration would be the responsibility to develop the Political Game Plan, the over all strategy, the Time Line, the organizational structure, and guidance on developing issues. The consultant can also be responsible for directing the various elements within the campaign, that is, the Candidate, the staff, the major volunteer groups, the polling firm, as well as the media and fund-raising consultants if he or she is not providing those services. Sometimes a campaign management consultant works from afar, sometimes the need is to be on site and involved in the day to day operations of the campaign.

It is of paramount importance, that the responsibilities of the Campaign Management Consultant be defined clearly on a campaign by campaign basis. After the needs and responsibilities are defined, the consulting fee can be agreed upon between the parties.

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