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About Campaign Fundraising

Fundraising consultants offer you knowledge and experience that can save you countless hours of research, trial and error, and frustrating results that could be avoided with the use of proven fundraising techniques.

In each instance, our clients pay a monthly fee which is determined by the amount of fundraising counsel that is required. Fees are agreed to in advance and are usually structured around a retainer plus a percentage of the funds raised.

There are several types of fundraising activity that work well in the political campaign environment. Your fundraising consultant can identify which types will be most beneficial to your campaign.

The Major Fundraising Campaign

This service is for campaigns undertaking large-scale fundraising efforts on either a selective or constituency-wide basis. It consists of a pre-campaign study to determine the best fundraising plan for the campaign under consideration. In addition, the committee might consider assistance with support targeting, the creation of the necessary campaign fundraising organization, the implementation of the plan, and management of the fundraising campaign throughout each of its active phases.

The Special Event

In addition to raising funds, special events provide opportunities for the campaign and candidate to enhance its visibility, involve members more actively, and attract new contributors. Substantial funds are realized when an individually designed strategic plan is followed by staff and dedicated volunteers using targeted prospect identification, leadership involvement, creative donor cultivation, and recognition programs.

The Direct Mail Campaign

A direct mail fundraising program, i.e., building a list of small contributors who give regularly by mail can contribute to the financial stability of your campaign fundraising program. Direct mail fundraising is a process, not an event. It's a way for you to build solid, mutually rewarding relationships with many contributors, without necessarily ever meeting them face-to-face. A successful direct mail fundraising program requires that you make available a number of different ways for supporters to become involved. They may well want to be more than just financial contributors. Developing a strong and successful direct mail program takes experience, planning and creativity. Your fundraising consultant can make the difference between a cost effective fundraising direct mail campaign and just another expense.

The Internet Fundraising Campaign

Although the initial investment is less, this form of fundraising takes a particularly high level of “current” knowledge and understanding of the Internet environment. It is not as simple as sending out an email and waiting for contributions in return. Notwithstanding the Internet’s ability to raise significant amounts of money, the success of the Email Fundraising campaign is dependent on your fundraising consultant’s knowledge and experience and proper use of web technology.


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