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The Internet Campaign

The Internet Campaign is the fastest growing element of the modern political campaign. Baby Boomers had their color TV, but the young voter of today, and even more so, the young voter of tomorrow, will reach for a mouse before considering the TV remote.

Your political campaign should involve all five (5) components of the modern Internet campaign: the web site (reception), email (communication), the web itself (advertising and research), digital communication (real time communication), and the computer itself containing and analyzing the data that is collected (the brain of smart campaigning).

To be successful, the campaign strategy and plan should be reflected in the development of the Internet Campaign. These two components of the campaign must work in complete harmony, one promoting the other. The message must be consistent and the delivery must be appealing. With the help of a professional, your Internet Campaign will be something fresh, something different, something interactive, and something worth returning to.

It is most important to seriously consider the expense of a professional Internet Campaign consultant as amateur sites are easily spotted from professional sites. Remember, you not only want the visitor to return to your site again, you want them to tell their friends and family to look at the site and support your campaign as well.

AmeriCan GOTV consulting services will support the development of the technological elements of your modern political campaign; your campaign management software, your website, and your email contact management system.

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